Membership Benefits

Membership benefits

Marketing for members' business both nationally and internationally

Increase visibility of members

Capacity building


Lobby for industry friendly legislation

Requirements and eligibility

Joining RHA has been made easy:

To submit a copy of the company registration certificate issued by RDB

To have a TIN number

To submit a duly filled membership application form

To submit a copy of the company registration certificate issued by RDB

To pay annual membership fee as per the approved fee structure

Fee Structure

A. Annual membership fees for accommodation establishments:

1. For graded entities:

Entities with 4 stars and above : 1,000,000 Frw

Entities with 2 stars and above : 600,000 FRW

Entities with 1 star : 400,000 FRW

2. For entities located on the shores of a water body, national parks or any other touristic attractions :

20 bed rooms and above : 300,000 FRW

Between 10 and 19 bed rooms : 250, 000 FRW

3. For other entities that are not located near any touristic attraction:

Those with 30 and more bed rooms : 300,000 FRW

Between 25 and 29 bed rooms : 250,000 FRW

Between 20 and 24 bed rooms : 200,000 FRW

Between 15 and 19 bed rooms : 150,000 FRW

Less than 15 bed rooms :100,000 FRW

B. Restaurants, bars, coffee shops and nightclubs establishments:

1. Restaurants, bars and coffee shops:

I. Kigali City:

Below 50 People shall pay 200,000 per annum.

50 People and above shall pay 300,000 per annum.

II. Upcountry:

Below 30 People shall pay 100,000 per annum

30 People and above shall pay 200,000 per annum

2. Nightclubs:

Nightclubs : 500,000 FRW


The below application form is only applicable to ordinary membership category as per the Memorandum and Articles of Association.

Membership and registration fees have to be remitted to the RHA bank account in Cogebanque: 01301055799-42(RWF)

Attach a copy of the Company’s / Business Registration Certificate issued by RDB.

Please note that membership may be terminated if the business engages in any proscribed trade by the laws of the country.

Please note that RHA may call for verification or proof of any information furnished herein.

Please note that the information you provide in this form will be treated as confidential.